Creekside Village Neighborhood

Everything in your own backyard...


Food Nearby

Food Nearby

Food Options in Vancouver, WA

  • Hudson's Bar & Grill
  • Oishi Sushi
  • Daddy D’s Southern Style BBQ
  • Blind Onion Pizza & Pub
  • Mongkolchai Thai Restaurant
  • Olive Garden Italian Kitchen


Recreation & Entertainment

Recreation & Entertainment

Recreation Options in Vancouver, WA

  • Cinetopia 23
  • David Douglas Park
  • Orchards Community Park
  • Royal Oaks Country Club
  • Waterfront Renaissance Trail
  • Burnt Bridge Creek Trail




Shopping Options in Vancouver, WA

  • Vancouver Mall
  • Safeway
  • T.J. Maxx
  • Macy's
  • Vancouver International Market

An Easier Commute

Nestled in the heart of Vancouver, Creekside Village offers all the rewards and comforts of high-class living at an affordable price. Whether it be a relaxing night of beautiful Vancouver views or a night out on the town, Creekside Village gives you the neighborhood you’re looking for at the price you want. We offer apartments and townhomes just minutes from Vancouver's finest shopping and dining, you get the benefits of city living, combined with comforting amenities.
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